Ayres Insanity

Ayres Insanity

Monday, May 7, 2018

Birthdays and holidays and vacations oh my...

  12 days left of the school year, my cute friend Rebecca made me a count down paper chain for my birthday so I’ve been counting down since February. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for summer! Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a job to supplement our income but if I had a choice, working while there is still so much need for me at home is not what I’d choose, but hey, 12 days and we’re free for the summer!
  I’d say the school year has been decent. Taevin turned 13 in January. He is enjoying Jr High and getting good grades for the most part, and he has an amazing group of friends, which I’m super grateful for! He’s rockin the braces right now and probably will until the end of 8th grade, he doesn’t love it but is being a good sport about it. He really is such a good kid and I’m very proud of who he’s becoming.
  Ryler is doing well in school as always, it seems to come naturally to him. He got in a fight at school the other day, at first I was pretty mad, but then I heard the whole story. Turns out the other kid was egging him on (most of the staff tells me he’s kind of a trouble maker) and as Ryler tried to walk away the kid jumped on him. Unfortunately the teacher turned around just in time to see Ryler put him in a headlock, they both got sent to the office. I did make Ryler stay after school that day to help out Kenny, the janitor and write and apology note to the teacher, but in all honesty I couldn’t be too mad, he did what I’ve always told him to do, which is never throw the first punch, but defend yourself if you have to. He’s a great kid, he chooses good friends and loves his mama. What more could I ask?
  Z, although still struggling a bit academically, has made a ton of progress. She has an amazing teacher who has helped her to believe that she can succeed, and I’m so grateful. Zoey is still one of the most creative kids I know, and so sensitive & sweet. I thoroughly enjoy any alone time I can get with her. Oh, and totally worth mentioning, she is still obsessed with pigs! She just loves them and refuses to eat any pig products. It’s seriously the cutest!
  And Aspen... oh my! Where do I even start with that one? She’s about to finish up preschool and I have a feeling will excel in school. She loves unicorns and is just about as vibrant as they are, that’s the best word I can think of to describe her, just sweet, outgoing, a bit snarky and such a funny sense of humor. Her independence makes me a little crazy but I love her excitement for life.
  As for the updates, we surprised the kids with a trip to California for Christmas. We went a week before and hit Disneyland, Sea World, Legoland, and of course, the beach. It was such a fun vacation and the kids loved it! We got back just in time to spend Christmas at home with family.
  I turned 39 in February and am desperately clinging to whatever youth I might have left in me. I’m still working at Bonneville Academy, but not as a lunch lady anymore but as an Aide. I help with the reading program and assist at recess, it’s been a nice change. I’m still serving in the YW program and enjoying it, we had a change in leadership and I’m the only one who stayed, it’s been an interesting transition but I love those girls, I think I’ve found my niche in working with the youth.
  Russ is turning 40 this year and I’m surprising him with a trip to Cannon Beach OR with some friends. He has no idea and I’m so freaking excited! He’s going to flip when he finds out, he’s wanted to go ther forever!
  I can’t think of anything else to report, except did I mention that there are only 12 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL?!?  We bought paddle boards this spring and were dying for summer so we can get out on that lake and use them. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a good one!

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